The staff at Springhill Associates brings many years of professional writing experience directly to you. Every business, organization, or group needs communications products depending on the overarching goals or specific desired outcomes. Small businesses in particular have needs that cannot always be met by existing staff. This is where Springhill Associates can help. We specialize in clear, concise, and compelling copy for publicity and marketing, tailored to your needs. Find out how we can help you. Contact us today.

Press Releases and Public Relations Materials

Sending promotional information to your media contacts can increase visibility, drive sales, or create awareness of new products or services. Additionally, by posting these materials to your website “Press Page” you can take advantage of another method of connecting with your customers as well as keeping your website updated for search engine optimization.

Marketing Brochures / Sell Sheets

This is possibly the first impression a potential customer or client has of your company and the products or services offered. The brochure or sell sheet provides important information about your company and what you provide. This can be a great piece to drive traffic to you.

Website Copy

A website is a key point of customer contact in today’s commercial world. Give us the basic information and we’ll structure your unique website content. Present your business in the best possible light on the Internet. (Note – This is not a Website Audit for existing sites.)

Corporate Identity Materials

A growing company carving out a niche in the marketplace often needs a signature piece. Make a powerful statement about your company by highlighting your identity, mission, standing within the industry, and an overview of your products or services.

White Papers/Special Reports

These “pre-sale” products inform readers so that they can understand an issue, make a decision, or solve a specific problem. As a relatively brief document, these authoritative, fact-based papers are a concise distillation of complex material that can be used to persuade or to promote a business, product/service, or idea.

Trade or Feature Articles

Take your Press Releases or Public Relations Materials one step further by creating articles that are ready to be published in trade specific or general publications. Articles allow these outlets to publish more in-depth information about your business while possibly including photos, leadership or staff profiles, product highlights, and industry innovations.

Customer Newsletters

This type of customer communication is intended to build and strengthen the bond between the customer and the business. They become part of a special group and you keep them coming back and spreading the word about you to their friends.

Business Correspondence

Perhaps you need a cover letter for a “cold call” marketing package or a letter to accompany customer requested information. A powerful letter can draw the prospect closer to the product and re-energize their initial interest that gets you the sale.