Communicating your message is key to explaining your product or service and to enjoying repeat business. We can help you clarify your ideas in your chosen medium of expression (print, website, verbal). Everyone can benefit from the services of a copy editor, a researcher or a speechwriter. Find out how we can help you. Contact us today.


Emails are the most effective way for businesses to stay in touch with customers … past, present, and future. And the most cost-effective way. So, businesses serious about making more money will email their customers on a regular basis. Use email to get a potential customer to take an action: click through to a website … sign up for a newsletter … build relationships with new customers … you decide the action and we’ll provide the words.

External Newsletters

Stay in touch with your clients, customers, and others interested in your business. Email or paper newsletters allow you to reach out regularly without leaving the office. Inform and/or entertain while maintaining contact. This is a great way to build repeat business or to reach out in new directions.

Project Fixing

If a copywriting project has not gone the way you would like, all is not lost. Perhaps all the information needs is a “manuscript doctor”. The original writer may not have completed the project for a variety of good reasons or you simply want something updated. It is absolutely possible to rewrite a report that was started and dropped, refresh a manual, or repurpose training curriculum. Let us take that job off your plate and give you the results you desire.

“On Hold” Messages

Dump the boring innocuous music to inform, educate, and even entertain your customers or clients. Make your phone work even harder for your business through custom messages. If you really want to keep the music, put it in the background and bring your message up front where it belongs.

Basic Website Audit

Make sure your website is easy to navigate and presents the appropriate image to your potential or current clients. This audit includes review of social icons, links, spelling errors, page flow, site search, page functionality, and content structure. (Note – URL structure and HTML code are not included.)

Speech Writing and Presentation Materials

Just can’t break free the time to write that speech you need to deliver? Do you want customized presentation materials to accompany your speech? No problem! We can help craft your remarks, create your handouts, prepare the PowerPoint, and even give you a coaching session or two to polish your delivery. Your message comes through clearly on every level.

Presentation Coaching

Public speaking and presentations are often listed as a great personal fear, second only to death. Many colleges have courses in speaking and presentations but there are few people in the business world who have availed themselves of these courses. As careers move forward, there comes a time when giving a verbal or PowerPoint presentation to another individual or group is inevitable. Anyone can be coached to properly prepare for a speaking opportunity rather than pulling together a poorly formatted or an inadequate presentation. Appropriate preparation instills confidence and a sense of relaxation at the time of the presentation which ensures a successful speech.

Proofreading and Editing Services

Already have copy you want to use? Make a great first impression with your report, website, PowerPoint presentation, or document with professional English language proofreading and editing. Your proprietary information and intellectual property is secure while your text is edited for clarity, expression, ease of understanding, punctuation, and syntax.

Professional Topic Research

Individualized topic research is available for any business or professional purpose. Perhaps you need some data for a trade article or a white paper, case study information for a feature article, or interview copy for a customer newsletter. We can help. Historical information for authors of books, memoirs, and articles is a Springhill Associates specialty. Depending on client needs, research can be conducted through specialized libraries and/or online sources.

Academic Manuscript Preparation

We can help you polish your written product based on your original research with content proofreading and editing, citation assistance (Chicago, MLA, APA), and logical presentation. Utilize a “second set of eyes” before you submit the thesis, dissertation, or other paper where you have invested so much time and effort. Make sure your product is as perfect as possible.

Grant Research & Writing

We can assist non-profit organizations with identification of potential funding sources, product donation inquiries, grant proposal materials, and follow-up reporting. Corporate and foundation support is a key area that can help your group provide needed services to your target population.